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"InfoServe365 Ltd. has a fundamental ambition to help strengthen and grow manufacturing within the UK, Europe and the wider world."

Michael Hill, Managing Director

We are a company that offers much more than data collection and production reporting services. Our integrated solution for OEE monitoring and analysis allows companies to make a real difference in production efficiency maximization. As a member of the Optima Group we command a respected position within manufacturing industry having successfully operated in the sector since 1995 and built up a first class reputation for holding leading edge technical competence.

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AssetManager - the core features

      Installs on any number of machines, of any type & in any location       Helps maximise productivity & minimise downtime       It is accurate, reliable and cost-effective       It has a simple, low overhead site infrastructure       It is secure with global, 24/7 availability       It comes with tailored or turnkey support services

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